Who are Lance and Tina?

We are retired and had bought a 1000 sq. ft. townhome after selling our 3700 sq. ft. home in a nearby neighborhood.  

Why did you decide to sell?

We realized that a 1000 sq. ft. townhome was just way too small after a month of being there. We decided it was time to move yet again.



Why Deysma Kettering?

After the experience that we had with our last agent, which we were very unhappy with, we were very unsure on what to do. We went to a new builder in the area who introduced us to Deysma Kettering.            Wow! So glad we met her!

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What surprised you most about the buying & selling process?

Deysma made it feel seamless; we were extremely comfortable and confident that she would keep her word on everything she said.  Deysma proved it when she received eight showings on the first day and four offers.  Deysma was able to facilitate the sale over what we wanted.

Best part of your selling experience? 

We sold and bought quickly, no messing around. Deysma and her staff took care of everything. Customer service at its best!


Most challenging part of buying & selling at the same time?  

That was not a challenge as Deysma figured out a way for us to purchase first. We then sold ours, thanks again Deysma.

Lance and Tina's Top Selling Tip:

Deysma Kettering made our last purchase and listing of a property seamless. We are very pleased to be in our new home. Deysma made us feel at home and gave us the knowledge we needed to make the right choices. 

I will use Deysma again!

You can feel comfortable and confident that Deysma Kettering and her team can get it done!

Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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